Work in Spain

Barcelona Jobs

Would you like to work in sunny Spain? Here are a few job sites in English and Spanish where you can search for new opportunities in all sectors.

Due to the economic recession it is not easy to find a job in Spain; however, with over 12 800 foreign-owned companies established in the country that employ over 1.3 million people (6.6% of the total work force), there are still job offers for expats in corporate offices of Madrid and Barcelona or tourist areas like Costa del Sol, Balearic and Canary Islands. This is why I particularly recommend expat job sites, where you can also visit forums about life and work in Spain.

In some of multinational companies it is not required to speak Spanish. Moreover, English speakers can work at British-owned tourist-agencies, real estate and teaching English at numerous language schools.

Job sites in English – Spain’s news site in English – Spain’s news site in English – jobs in Spain for English speakers – on this British site you can find many jobs for English speakers in Spain, some of them include relocation benefits.


Job sites in Spanish: 

www.infojobs,net – the biggest job site in Spain.


Free classifieds sites in Spanish

If you are fluent in Spanish, you already live in the country and you are searching for a summer job or a part-time job, check these sites. The ads are published by individuals, not companies, so you won’t have to undergo the whole recruitment process. Many small business owners actually prefer to speak with you on the phone and ask you to come for a quick interview and bring your CV with you. English speakers are often required in the summer in tourist areas; if you type “inglés” as a key word in the search box, you will definitely find many jobs in hotels, bars and restaurants.


LinkedIn Job Groups

There are several LinkedIn groups in English and Spanish that list expat jobs.

Buscar y Ofrecer Trabajo en España/Spain Job Search Group

OFERTAS DE TRABAJO EN ESPAÑA -> Publicar Ofertas de Trabajo Aquí/List Job Offers Here

Guiri Business: Professional Network for Foreigners/Expats in Spain

Barcelona Jobs


Facebook Job Groups

While traditional Spanish companies are not very active on social media sites yet, many innovative foreign-owned businesses know how to rock Facebook and Twitter.

  • Jobs in Spain
  • Jobs in Barcelona-Spain
  • Jobs in Costa del Sol (Spain) / Gibraltar / UK
  • Jobs in Spain, Balearic & Canary Islands


Twitter Accounts that list jobs in Spain












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  1. Hi Hanna. I found this post so informative and helpful for my blog readers that I shared the link on one of my older but still most read posts giving job searching tips to Spain. I hope you don’t mind! 🙂

    1. Hi Saana, glad to hear you’ve found the post helpful for your readers! Thanks for sharing!

      Btw. I’ve followed your blog and FB fanpage and I love it! So many great travel stories!
      What plugin do you use to switch between English and Finnish on your blog? (the one with the two flags on the right). I want to have a trilingual blog, but have no clue what plugin I can use! Thanks a lot for your answer!

      1. Thanks Hanna, I’m glad to hear you like it! 🙂 I have separated the two languages with categories as we can’t have plugins here on The two flags are images with links; Finnish flag is linked to my Finnish category and English one for English category. I am actually planning to move self-hosted to be able to separate the languages better and to have a little bit more power over how my site looks, but it’s a bit more complicated than I thought. I already tried last weekend and I ended up having my site down for two days, so I switched back to until I have solved these issues. The blog address will obviously stay the same even if I managed at some point to move self-hosted! 🙂

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