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According to demographers from the Warsaw’s centre for International Relations, only in 2013 over 7000 EU citizens came to live and work in Poland.

One of the reasons is the radical growth of the foreign business services sector.  There are currently 470 service centres with foreign capital in Poland, owned by more than 300 investors from all over the world.  Given a huge demand for foreign language speakers in this sector , 10% of all the employees of the service centres are foreigners.  And the good news is that Polish skills are not required for many of these positions.

However, employment opportunities for foreigners in Poland do not end up at the service centres sector. There are vacancies for native speakers in language schools and “native chefs” in ethnic restaurants, Moreover, due to massive emigration of Polish low-skilled workers to Western Europe there is a huge demand for employees in such sectors as construction and agriculture. As a result, Polish government has simplified the process of obtaining a work permit for non-EU workers. In 2009, over 29 000 work permits in Poland were granted mainly to nationals of Ukraine, China, Vietnam, Belarus and Turkey.

Where to search for a job in Poland?


If you hold a degree, you speak English fluently and you wish to search for a job in Poland from your own country, you can start your search at international job sites.

These sites are aimed at companies that want to attract top talent from abroad and  internationally mobile employees. You can search jobs by location and language. Hiring process may consist of a series of phone/Skype interviews and online assessment. Many of the companies offer generous relocation packages, including airfare reimbursement, initial accomodation and assistance with legal issues in the country of arrival.

International websites where you can find jobs in Poland:

Dedicated websites about work and life in Poland with extensive job databases:

Polish job sites with offers in Polish and English :


The biggest sites for classified ads (in Polish):






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