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5 Best Things About Work Culture in Andalucia

When you think of Andalucia, the first thing that may come to your mind is not work, but sunny weather, great beaches, flamenco, amazing architecture and food culture.  Paella, seafood, spectacular Alhambra palace in Granada or the Great Mosque of Cordoba, colourful feria festivals, a great variety of tapas and wine in bars…no wonder why this region in the south of Spain is a top tourism destination.

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How to Make a Career Change When it Hasn’t Been Your Day…or Even Your Year

New Year is a time of resolutions for many of us. It’s the time of the year when gyms become full, lettuce hits record sales and DuoLingo app crashes because suddenly everyone and their mama feels the need to learn a new language. 
It’s also the time when we think of “big” changes, related to our career and long-term goals. And I know how hard it can be for those of us who are stuck in boring jobs, annoying day routines and who feel that their life did not go at all the way they planned it, but have no idea how to change things. 

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Who’s in charge of Christmas gifts around the world?


If you ask my kids what’s the worst part of multicultural upbringing, they will probably complain about “funny” food from different countries; it’s not fair when Babcia makes you eat a beetroot soup and Abuelita puts a huge plate of caraotas on the same day! Yuck! Or all those exercise books in three languages when all you want to do is play with your  new Lego set!

However, there’s a HUGE bonus to all that suffering: they literally get the best of both worlds when it comes to celebrations and presents. They celebrate their name day (like all Polish kids) with a huge piñata (like all Venezuelan kids). They get visits from Ratoncito Pérez (Perez the Mouse)  AND Tooth Fairy….and if they’re lucky, these visits happen when we travel, so the kiddos get their teeth attractive foreign currency.

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To bitch about the beach

“5 minutes walk from the beach? You’re so lucky, your kids must love it! So you go to beach every day, don’t you? When can I come to see you”?

That’s  what most people tell us.  Most people who haven’t been to the beach with small kids.

When you think about kids on the beach, you visualize happy, cute kids, who build sandcastle and jump in the waves like on Neckermann and Thomas Cook billboards. These lovely images where the sun is shining and the kids in cute, matching swim suits with no sand on are playing quietly while the parents are relaxing, sunbathing and sipping their drinks on white sun beds.

FORGET IT. THIS is how a kids on the beach REALLY looks like:

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5 Benefits of Multiculturalism for a 5 Year Old


When my son Andrés was born in Spain I received congratulations cards from all over the world, in at least five languages. My family from Poland, my husband’s relatives from Venezuela and Dominican Republic, our friends from France, Italy, UK, Mexico, Brasil, Canada and many other countries, they all sent us gifts and wished us all the best on the phone, Skype and Facebook.

When he turned one, we celebrated his birthday with a dress-up Disney party in a group of family and friends from six countries. As a toddler he spent a New Year’s Eve in Paris, carried in our arms to the top of Eiffle Tower and sleeping in his buggy as we were wathcing fireworks over Notre Dame cathedra.

And it wasn’t until now, when he turned 5 that I started to think how much he’s influenced by his multicultural upbringing.

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