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5 Best Things About Work Culture in Andalucia

When you think of Andalucia, the first thing that may come to your mind is not work, but sunny weather, great beaches, flamenco, amazing architecture and food culture.  Paella, seafood, spectacular Alhambra palace in Granada or the Great Mosque of Cordoba, colourful feria festivals, a great variety of tapas and wine in bars…no wonder why this region in the south of Spain is a top tourism destination.

But…work? “Isn’t Andalucia only about siesta & fiesta”? – some will joke. Continue reading 5 Best Things About Work Culture in Andalucia


To bitch about the beach

“5 minutes walk from the beach? You’re so lucky, your kids must love it! So you go to beach every day, don’t you? When can I come to see you”?

That’s  what most people tell us.  Most people who haven’t been to the beach with small kids.

When you think about kids on the beach, you visualize happy, cute kids, who build sandcastle and jump in the waves like on Neckermann and Thomas Cook billboards. These lovely images where the sun is shining and the kids in cute, matching swim suits with no sand on are playing quietly while the parents are relaxing, sunbathing and sipping their drinks on white sun beds.

FORGET IT. THIS is how a kids on the beach REALLY looks like:

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