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Who’s in charge of Christmas gifts around the world?


If you ask my kids what’s the worst part of multicultural upbringing, they will probably complain about “funny” food from different countries; it’s not fair when Babcia makes you eat a beetroot soup and Abuelita puts a huge plate of caraotas on the same day! Yuck! Or all those exercise books in three languages when all you want to do is play with your  new Lego set!

However, there’s a HUGE bonus to all that suffering: they literally get the best of both worlds when it comes to celebrations and presents. They celebrate their name day (like all Polish kids) with a huge piñata (like all Venezuelan kids). They get visits from Ratoncito Pérez (Perez the Mouse)  AND Tooth Fairy….and if they’re lucky, these visits happen when we travel, so the kiddos get their teeth attractive foreign currency.

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