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When you apply for a job abroad, your CV does not only has to be translated into the target language; it also has to be adapted to the country’s job market.

Even if you apply for jobs for English speakers, one CV does not fit all. When you graduate in finances and you plan to take up an entry level position at a corporate organisation in  Paris or Brussels , you can’t send them the same CV that you left at all beach bars in Ibiza when you were searching for a summer job.

Each CV should accentuate the most valuable skills for a certain position. Each CV should meet the industry standards.

I am offering CV translation services in English, Spanish and Polish at a fixed rate of 0,10 EUR per translated word.

Each CV comes together with a free list of companies, job sites and recruitment agencies in your country and sector of interest.

Why use translation services?

Have you seen this Starbucks door sign  before?

I knew that my favourite frapuccino could always make me happy, but not that I could also find success on my way out.

Because éxito means success in Spanish, not exit.

If such a big brand as Starbucks can make a similar translation mistake, imagine how many CVs in foreign languages contain spelling, grammar and vocabulary errors.

Over the years I have seen lots of CVs of brilliant, highly educated professionals that contained language errors and were not adapted to the target market. Consequently, despite impressive professional experience, the candidates were not invited for interviews.

I have eleven years of translation experience, five of them in the recruitment industry. As a translator, I can produce linguistically flawless documents. As a recruiter, I know what hiring managers are looking for in a CV.

Please contact me on + 48 781 220 413 or send me your CV at and I will get back to you shortly!

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