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A job interview itself may be stressful, let alone in another language and in a business culture that is unknown to you.

Even if you are fluent in English, you might not know what language to use in a job interview to make a good impression. Should you call the interviewer by their first name or use the form Mister/Madam? How much eye contact should you maintain? Should you speak softly or loudly? What are the typical interview questions in that country? Can the interviewer ask me personal questions about my marital status or the number of children, something which is considered unprofessional in my country? How should I dress for a Skype interview?

No matter if you’re applying for a job in a UK corporate bank or in a shared service centre in Poland where English is the common language, I will help you to prepare for a job interview and I will provide you with resources to further practice target vocabulary and structures.

If you are not preparing for a specific job interview,  just thinking of moving to another country and you would like to know more about business culture, language used at interviews and sites where you can search for jobs, I can also help you with that.  Apart from individualized language resources I can also provide you with a list of companies that recruit in your sector and the best job sites.

I have 11 years of Business English teaching experience in Poland, Spain and UK and I have helped many professionals across different sectors to prepare for their first interviews in English and Spanish.

I provide training over Skype.


45 minutes: €30

90 minutes:€50

Relaxed dress code guaranteed 🙂


How to order? 

  1. Please contact me on + 48 781 220 413 or via e-mail on I will call you back to discuss your requirements and to confirm the charges.
  2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your order summary.
  3. You can pay for your order with Pay Pal directly on the site or by bank transfer accordingly with the details provided in the invoice/confirmation e-mail.
  4. We can schedule a training session after I have received a payment confirmation.

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