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Need the perfect CV?

As a professional CV writer with five years of international experience in the field of career advice and recruitment, I am aware that a CV has to be tailored not only to a specific job advertisement, but also to standards of a country where you’re applying for a job.

While you should never include a picture on your CV in UK, in Spain it’s recommendable. Personal statement may not be required in a shared service centre in Bucharest or Athens, but it’s a must on the British or Irish job market.

A cover letter is as important as a CV since a well written cover letter can make a critical first impression.

I am offering a professional CV and cover letter writing service to help you find a job abroad and achieve your career goals.



Starter CV- less than 2 years of work experience/student jobs – 20€

Starter CV + cover letter – 30€

Medium CV- between 2 and 10 years of work experience – 30€

Medium CV + cover letter – 40€

Senior CV – over 10 years of work experience – 45€

Senior CV + cover letter – 55€

Cover Letter – 15 €

Each CV comes with a personalized list of job sites, recruitment agencies and companies hiring in countries of your interest.

How to order? 

  1. Please contact me on +48 781 220 413  or via e-mail on I will call you back to discuss your requirements and set up a detailed phone consultation.
  2.  During the phone
  3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your order summary.
  4. You can pay for your order with Pay Pal directly on the site or by bank transfer accordingly with the details provided in the invoice/confirmation e-mail.
  5. You will receive your order within 2 working days as soon as the payment has been received.

Would you like to have your CV translated to another language or to add a LinkedIn profile writing to your order? Check our pricing!

Why to use a CV writing service? 

Think about that huge laundry pile you’ve had in your house at some point. The one that with some accessories could perfectly serve as a Christmas tree.

Source: Pinterest







Now, imagine that you’re a recruiter and you’re sitting at your desk behind a pile of CV’s that’s even bigger than that laundry pile. It’s nearly 5 pm and you’d rather lay with your feet up in front of Netflix, but you have to shortlist some candidates for tomorrow!

This is why recruiters spend on average 5-7 seconds looking  at a CV.  Recent studies by jobs search Adzuna show that one in three CVs contains spelling or grammar mistakes…and that even one minor mistake will get your CV thrown in the bin.


Writing a CV is not an easy task itself, but when you apply for a job abroad it’s even more complicated. You should never include a picture on your CV in UK, while in Spain it’s recommendable to have a professional headshot on your CV. Personal statement, which is not required in many countries, is a must if you’re applying for a job in UK for Ireland.

Are you happily sending your Europass CV all over the place? Unfortunately, one size does not fit all. You wouldn’t get your 20 year-old hipster Instagram-addicted, grunge-loving niece the same classic gold necklace that you’re going to buy for your mother-in-law, who’s a huge fan of high heels and suits, right? In the same way, a CV that suits a small village school in the south Italy will not suit a prestigious international school in London.

The Europass CV is a standardized document, which does not allow you to personalize your CV and make it look outstanding.

Your chances of getting a job abroad may dramatically increase if you have a well-written CV, which highlights your professional achievements and which is adapted to the target country requirements.

So, before you book a one way ticket to your dream destination, make sure you bring a good CV with you!



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