Employee Referral Services

Did you know that employee referrals are the first source in hiring volume and the first source for new hire quality? 

Moreover, according to the latest report by the Jobvite Index,  46% of referrals stay at a company for three years or more, while only 14% of candidates hired through job boards stay so long.

Through several years of work in the recruitment industry, I have developed a network of contacts from many different sectors mostly in Poland, Spain and UK, but also in other countries. Since I have always been very active in expat circles, I have met many professionals who often relocate for work.

Are you looking for a new hire? Please contact me on +48 781 220 413  or via e-mail on info@hannacheda.com and we can think of solutions that will best suit your needs, either through a referral platform that you are already using or in another way.  Looking forward to hearing from you!



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