How to Find a Job in Poland

In 2016 alone Polish authorities issued 234 000 residence permits for foreigners. It is estimated that the number of foreign residents in Poland is much higher and bound to grew further in the future.

A recent survey by blog reveals that 51% of foreign residents relocated to Poland for work.  Lack of Polish skills seems not to be a barrier; only 12% of all the expatriates questioned admit they speak and write Polish fluently.

However, Polish market becomes more and more opened to foreigners. It is estimated that 10% of the modern business services (BPO & SSC) sector employees are expatriates; the need for foreign language speakers in this sector is huge and since English is the common work language, Polish skills are not required. Currently there are more than 1000 BPO/SSC service centres in Poland, which employ over 200 thousand people.

Job opportunities for foreign residents in Poland are not limited to the business services centre, though. There is always a huge demand of native speakers at language schools and chefs in ethnic restaurants. Foreign-owned companies often search for specialists who have knowledge of the market in a specific country.

Where to start searching for jobs in Poland?


Polish Job Search Websites – website in English with job offers, career advice and lots of useful information for foreigners who plan to live and work in Poland. Mostly offers from the BPO/SSC sector: IT, Finance & Accounting, HR, Administration and Customer Service.   –  one of the biggest Polish job search websites.  Over 42 000 job offers. The site is in Polish, but there are many job ads written in English.    – the oldest Polish job website.  More than 38 000 job offers updated daily. Site available in Polish and English. – another huge Polish job website. Available in Polish, German and English. –  a job site with 20 000 offers. This site is only available in Polish, but there are several job offers in English. This site allows candidates to check their application status and to check how many candidates have applied for a job.


Classified Ads Websites

Mostly job offers in customer service & call centres, construction, hospitality and catering. The right place to search for short-term jobs. Sites only available in Polish.

A great advantage of these websites is that ads are often published by business owners directly, which makes the whole recruitment process much faster and more simple.

International job search sites with job offers in Poland

If you hold a degree, speak English fluently and you wish to search for a job in Poland from your own country, you can start your search at international job sites.

These sites are aimed at companies that want to attract top talent from abroad and  internationally mobile employees. You can search jobs by location and language. Hiring process may consist of a series of phone/Skype interviews and online assessment. Many of the companies offer generous relocation packages, including airfare reimbursement, initial accomodation and assistance with legal issues in the country of arrival.

International websites where you can find jobs in Poland:

Professional Networking Sites

According to the latest reasearch by a professional networking Polish site Goldenline, 97% of recruiters use professional networking sites and 79% of hiring managers have hired an employee who applied for a job via one of these sites.

In Poland, there is a huge demand for highly qualified specialists in certain areas, such as IT or engineering. Therefore, Polish recruiters are very active on LinkedIn and Goldenline, reaching out even to passive candidates who are not actively searching for a new job. A well written LinkedIn or Goldenline profile may bring in a lot of “friend” requests from recruiters and hiring managers.


GoldenLine –  a Polish professional networking site.

LinkedIn – an international professional networking site

Please bear in mind that a CV for a Polish market has to be adapted to the job market standards.

If you need help with planning your job search or looking for companies where you can apply for jobs and if you need help with writing a CV for Polish market, don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail on or via phone on +48 781 220 413


Do you have questions on work and life in Poland? Are you a foreigner working in Poland? What job search tools do you consider the most useful? Let me know! Hope that this article has been useful for you!


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