Jobs for foreigners in Poland with no Polish skills required

Recently, every time I spend a day in Wrocław or Kraków I see groups of young foreign guys hanging out in the centre. You can hear Italian, Spanish, Portugese and other languages on the tram, at the malls and in department stores. Tourists? No way, they look like locals walking confidently with their branded shopping bags from Biedronka. Erasmus students? Not really, they look too old ( late twenties or early thirties) and far too sober. So what, have they all come here with their beautiful Polish girlfriends?

This is not the answer, either. According to demographers from the Warsaw’s centre for International Relations, only in 2013 around 7,000 EU citizens moved to Poland, and the number is not precise since EU migrants are not required to register with Polish authorities.

It may be surprising given that a few years ago, since joining the EU Poland was known for huge outflows of workers.

“Why are all these people coming to Poland, where the language is impossible to learn and the salaries are ridicoulously low? “What are they up to in Poland, teach Italian as native speakers and drink Żubrowka”? “Why would somebody leave the beach to freeze in a cold country, where it’s dark after 4 pm”? , you can read on Internet forums.

The reason is the radical growth of the foreign business services sector (BPO, ITO, SSC and R&D centres) in Poland. According to the latest Hays report (2014), there are 470 BPO/SSC centres in Poland, employing 128 000 people .  The sector is growing  rapidly; from 2013 to 2014 alone 18 000 new work places were created in BPO/SSC centres, most of them (over 5000) in Kraków.


bss poland

There is a huge demand for foreign language speakers in this sector as BPO/SSC centres in Poland provide services in 34 languages. English is the language spoken in all the centres, closely followed by German (74%). Other popular languages include French, Spanish, Italian and also niche Scandinavian languages, like Swedish or Dannish.

Shared service centers willingly recruit workers from Western Europe, advertising vacancies on such portals as Multilingual Vacancies or Top Language Jobs . There are vacancies available for experienced professionals as well as for graduates; a newly qualified Portugese accountant with fluent English is more than welcome to apply for Capgemini, HP or McKinsey in Wrocław.

Foreigners who work in shared service centers appreciate working in international teams, relatively cheap public transport and housing, and the opportunity to develop their careers at a fast-paced, growing sector. Even though salaries in Poland are lower than in Western Europe, thanks to lower cost of living workers can afford comfortable life.

Shared service centres offer a wide range of extra benefits, such as private medical care, discounts at sports&leisure centres, or language courses. Many of them also provide relocating workers with a few weeks of free accomodation and help them to settle down in Poland.

Are you searching for a new opportunity abroad? Have you visited Poland and you would like to come back for a longer time? Do you speak English fluently? If so, read my short guide about the four areas in which many shared services centres employ foreigners, together with pay scale and useful links.

I have found all the information aobut payscales in ABSL report about shared centre cervices in Poland from 2014, you can download the complete report (72 pages) here:

All the salaries listed in this post are gross.

Across all Shared Services Centre jobs, a Junior Specialist is a person with no experience or less than a year, a Specialist has normally 1 – 3 years of experience, and a Senior Specialist more than 2/3 years. A Team Leader manages a team from 5 to 15 professionals and a Process Manager a team up to 50 people. Of course these titles may vary slightly between one organization and another.

Powodzenia = good luck!

Accounting Jobs

There are many accounting jobs available in shared services centres in Poland as finance&accounting services are provided in 22% of all the shared services centres, mostly in Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań.

Accounting jobs in general divide into two categories: General Ledger (GL) and Accounts Payable/Receivable (AP/AR) jobs.

A Junior GL Accountant can earn from 725 (min.) to 1050 (max.) EUR gross a month. Responsibilities include basic tasks within the GL area and newly qualified accountants are often welcome for such roles.

The salary range is 950 – 1325 EUR gross for accountants with 2-3 years of experience and 1 250 – 1 675 EUR gross for Senior Accountants. Team Leaders can earn between 1 750 and 2 475 EUR gross, while Process Managers earn from 2 850 to 4 275 EUR gross.

GL processes include (but are not limited to) ledger balances processing and reconciling, period closing process, billing processing and reporting. Experience using SAP is adventageous.

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Specialists earn from 625 to 825 EUR gross a month if they have less than 1 year of experience  (Junior Specialists), 750-1100 EUR gross with one or two years of experience and from 1000 to 1235 EUR gross if they have more than 2 years of experience (Senior Specialists).  The Accounts Payable Specialist is responsible for processing and payment of invoices and solving clients’ queries related to AP. The Accounts Receivable Specialist  is responsible for maximizing cash collections by enforcing payment terms and collecting past due monies.
A Team Leader in this area of accountancy can earn from 1 575 to 2 200 EUR gross and a Process Manager from 2 375 to 3 575 EUR gross.

A few companies currently hiring for accounting jobs with languages: IBM (Kraków), IKEA (Poznań), Motorola (Kraków), Credit Suisse (Wrocław).

Customer Service Jobs

It is relatively easy to start a career in Customer Service as most companies accept candidates with any Bachelor’s Degree, fluency in English and another foreign language, good IT skills and interpersonal skills (communication skills, customer-orientated, a team player, willingness to learn, etc). This is why both new graduates and people who plan a career change can consider applying for a Customer Service job in Poland as long as they have the right set of languages and skills.

How much can you earn? A Junior Customer Service specialist earns from 625 to 825 EUR gross a month, a Specialist (more than 1 year of experience) from 725 to 1000 EUR gross , a Team Leader from 1 575 to 2 2000 EUR gross and a Process Manager from 2 375 to 3 575.

Customer Service tasks involve orders supporting customers and contractors via e-mail, phone and chat, solving their queries and problems.

Currently hiring: IBM (Kraków), Shell (Kraków), Atos (Bydgoszcz), Google (Wrocław).


IT Jobs

IT and Technical Support jobs are in high demand in Poland. IT processes are offered in 29% of all the shared service centres and it is not easy to find high-skilled specialists.

An IT or Computer Science graduate can apply to a SSC/BPO centre as a 1st line IT Support Specialist/IT Helpdesk Specialist. This role requires excellent IT skills, knowledge of different IT services and products, very good analytical and problem solving skills. A junior IT Specialist can earn from 725 to 950 EUR gross and a Specialist from 1 050 to 1 625 EUR gross. The wages amount to 1 675 to 2 375 EUR for a team leader and 2 850 to 4 275 EUR for a Process Manager.

There are many areas of IT where shared centre services are hiring: Helpdesk, IT Security Project Management, Cloud/Data Specialists and many others.

Who’s hiring? UBS (Kraków), IBM(Kraków), ING Services Polska (Katowice), Intel Corporation (Gdańsk).

HR Jobs

HR is another area where candidates with any Bachelor’s Degree are accepted, although candidates with a Bachelor’s or Master in HR, Administration or a related field are preferred. Soft skills required for HR include excellent communication skills, attention to detail and teamwork skills.

A HR administrator is responsible for providing a variety of HR services (e.g., benefits open enrollment, payroll, mobility, loan programs, insurance, CSSA tuition, housing allocations), verifying and entering data into HR systems and securing confidentiality of HR data.

The salary range for HR roles is from 675 EUR to 900 EUR gross for a Junior Specialist, from 850 to 1100 for a Specialist, from 1 100 to

1 475 EUR for a Senior Specialist, from 1 575 to 2 250 EUR for a Team Leader and from 2 850 to 4 275 for a Process Manager.

Now hiring: Wipro (Warsaw), Hewlett-Packard (Wrocław), Aon Hewitt (Kraków).


Where to search for a job in Poland?

Apart from the popular sites with job for expats mentioned before, Top Language Jobs, there are more job sites where you can search for vacancies that do not require Polish language skills: , a job site & career advice site for foreigners who plan to work in Poland. Lots of useful information and city guides.

You can also contact the following recruitment agencies:




CPL Jobs


There are also a plenty of language jobs advertised on LinkedIn and recruiters are very eager to connect with candidates.

Are you a foreigner working in Poland? Would you like to share your insights? I’d love to hear from you!




146 thoughts on “Jobs for foreigners in Poland with no Polish skills required”

  1. Hy this is Dawood. I’m from Bangladesh. I’ve completed my graduation in India. At present I’m planning for a Post Graduation plan in Poland. But the only tension is whether I’ll get any good part time job there or not. Because I’ve heard that it is very tough to manage one without knowing Polish. I’m fluent in English, Hindi and native Bengali. Is it possible to manage a part time job in Poland and survive in a good way? Also, how about the temporary residential permit facilities there?

    1. Hi Dawood,
      Foreign students in Poland can work without applying for any extra work permit.
      However, part-time jobs are not very well paid. You can teach English as an additional source of income or work bar jobs, but it may be hard if you don’t have any savings or help from your parents.
      When your student visa expires, you can apply for a Schengen visa or an individual country visa. Please find more info here:

      Good luck!

  2. I would like to know the best university over there in poland warsaw. I am going to apply after 2 months.. and also i like to know the job oppurtunities in warsaw
    Hope to get a reply
    Contact me in my email address:

    1. Hey Manish,
      I am planning for university of Warsaw but I am little confused about the jobs prospective.
      My no. +919614716971.
      Lets be in touch to discuss things and make things work for us.

  3. hi hanna,
    I am from Bangladesh.. I want to go to poland for complete my undergraduate program.. I have ielts 5.5 (B2) and I am fluent in english..I want to get a part time job while I will study in poland… can I get it..? and if I get a part time job, how much euro can I earn..? please informed me.. I need your help..

      1. Good morning maam, this is Erlinda Vitalis from Moscow Russia im just inquire if you have available for Job Cleaning and or Nanny and Baby sit. We are apply working permit here from Russia to Poland. What are the requirements. Thank you.

      2. Dear Erlinda,

        Thank you for contacting me.
        However, I do not work as an agency recruiter. There are several agencies that work with candidates based abroad and help them with work permits, such as Worksol or KSservice. You can contact them and have a look at jobs available. Good luck!

    1. Hi Sadman,

      You could get a part-time bar/restaurant job and work in the evenings or at the weekends. That would be 1200-1500 pln (280-350 euro).
      Honestly, it’s not much for a student in Warsaw, but definitely doable. You can also teach private English classes and earn up to 60pln (12 euro) per hour.
      Hope it helps. If you’d like to, please send me your CV to and I can assist you with your job quest.

  4. Hi there I had a quick question my brother holds an irish passport because our mother is irish. But he doesnt speak flyent english because he lived in Iran with our father for the last 20 years. So my question is would he be able to find a job in Poland since he neither speaks fluent English and no Polish? Please let me know where and what kind of job could he get? Thanks

  5. Hi Hanna
    I am from Bangladesh & a full-time international student in Masters’ program in Economics. But I am badly need of any kind of jobs within 1 month for my livelihood. I came here in August, live in Warsaw & I have also completed 2 months Polish language course from IKO which level is A1.2. I can speak in English well. so please help me for getting a job as I am a non-european so its difficult to find a job for me with many responsibilities & process that are really unkown & new for me.

    1. Hi Farhana,
      I am sorry for a late reply, had some technical problems with my site.
      Are you looking for a part-time job for the evenings and weekends?
      I suggest you check Bangladeshi restaurants and other restaurants at the city centre. There are many foreign tourists in Warsaw and I think you should easily find a job if you have fluent English skills.
      As a full time student you have a right to work legally in Poland.
      Another idea; why don’t you ring Adecco or another temporary jobs agency? Maybe they could find you a weekend job.
      If you’d like to, please send me your CV to and I can assist you with your job quest.
      Best regards,

  6. Hi Hannah,

    Hi Hannah
    I m from in MBA course in poland. I have a 2 years experiance in Accounting Fields in india.i would like to join under accountant consultant or tax consaltant in warsaw part time as a trainer becouse I learn about the taxation system is poland with practical knowledge.please guide me.if you have any refrence please give me detail.

    1. Hi,Hannah my name is Thomas and Iam from India.Iam studying for B.A Management in Warsaw.Iam searching for a part time job in urgent.It is very urgent for me any finding one at the present condition.Can you help me with finding one.

    2. Hey kasim,

      It’s Imran here, I am also planning to move to Poland but I am confused about the jobs prospective.
      It would be a kind favour if you spare out some time and talk to me .
      My no. Is +919614716971

  7. Hi hanna ..
    My name is sonu im from india im graduate i have got 3 year trc card from warsaw im hard worker boy if u have any work for me pls reply im waiting ..

  8. Hi Hanna,
    I am Ismail British Bangladeshi.Currently live in Poland. I would like to know if you need any employee from Bangladesh? My email adress is
    Best Regards,

  9. Hi I need job in Warsaw Poland I have MBA in marketing and management and having banking , insurance experience. Need a job waiting your kind reply.


  10. Hi, I am Nur from Bangladesh. I am graduate and know as English.I interest to move on Poland. I have 4 years experience in Customer service in Call center (BPO) sector.i am knowing also German language. Is there any advantages to getting a job for German language? I want to long stay in Poland cause I loved Poland. If any help from u plz cont my email >

    Thanks to all of you

    1. Hi Nur,
      Yes, fluent skills in English and German are definitely an advantage if you want to apply for a position at a BPO centre.
      However, at first you would need a working visa, which has to be issued by your employer.
      You can apply for a job from abroad; nowadays, there’s a shortage of workforce in Poland and I know a few people who got a work permit after applying for a job from abroad, but it mostly applies to niche vacancies.
      Please send me an e-mail and let’s see if I could help you with your job search.
      Good luck,

  11. Hello Hanna,

    My name is Mayank Sharma. I am a student from India, and will be moving to Warsaw in March. I also have a 10+ years of Experience in Customer Services and Sales. Would like to know about the Job Opportunity for international students? Can I earn enough to atleast survive in Warsaw as a student?

    Required your assistance on it.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Mayank,

      Since 2015 you can legally work in Poland if you have a student visa.
      The problem is that most part-time jobs or weekend jobs in bars, cafes etc. require fluent skills in Polish. However, you could search for a job in an Indian cafe or (which is much better paid) teach private English classes.
      Regarding the cost of living, you need at least 1500 pln, providing that you live in a shared flat or a student residence.
      Good luck!

  12. Hi i am Riya.i want setteled in poland.i am completing general nursing midwifery.i am lived in india.i dont now the knowledge of polish so plese help me.

  13. Dear madam,

    I am Jerin from India willing to study in poland from this coming March-2017.
    Can i ask some doubts regarding this.
    1). Is there any difficulty to get part time jobs in poland bcoz of student viza..?
    2).How much will be the minimum wages per hour for a international student..?
    3).I don’t know polish.but i know English,is it comfortable to get a part time job..?
    4).Which are the main universities in diploma(undergraduate) course or the suitable courses in Computer aided designPress tool design) field..?
    5).Can you please go through my resume whixh attached witg this mail & suggest tge opportunities in poland regarding study & part time ?

    Hope for the reply for all..
    Thanking you,

  14. Hello Hanna, I am Australian citizen and can only English and Hindi. Do I need to apply for a work permit to work in Poland or are Australian citizens have a right to work in PL for certain time?

  15. Hi, I am from India and have a valid work permit for Poland from my company and will move there in Feb 2017.
    I am inviting my wife and kid with me on dependent visa. My wife has great English language skills and was working in India for over 9 years.
    But is not able to get a job in Poland currently.
    If not a permanent job but can my wife take up part time jobs basis the dependent visa?
    Please advise? And suggest some part time job for English speakers.


    Am a kenyan national currently working in Qatar mideast for shapoorji company as an assistant stores and accommodation manager.I wish to work and diversify my experiences in poland.How then would i get a job and what category of visa would reccomend i apply for?Am fluent in english both oral and written.Am a higher national diploma holder line of interest is/are among others charitable organization jobs and the vulnurable i do have a passion to help the needy.Please help and advice otherwise.

  17. fruit picking jobs available or not in poland and after studing in poland, is it posible to move in sweden for an indian.

  18. Hi Hanna,
    My name is Kevin Pinto from India, currently based & working in Bahrain.I have done my Masters in Management (Specializing in Project & Strategic Management) from London Metropolitan University. I have over 10 Years of work experience working in Compliance, Banking & financial services, IT, Project & Change management).

    I’m looking out for job opportunities in Poland. I’m fluent in English, Italian & Russian. A quick learner to pick up up languages. Please let me know if i can send my CV to you for review & how to apply for jobs & work visa over there?


  19. hello, my name is adarsh i am from india i have just completed my B.E from india AND now i try to pursue my master in poland in mechanical engineering .so which is good university for masters in mechanical as well as i am learning polish . i can speak english very well . so, can i get part time jobs in poland .and how much earn monthly

  20. Hello there I’m Moroccan , and I’m searching for a job in poland I speak and write English french Italian and arabic I don’t have experience what kind of jobs that match my skills and what do I ineed to come to poland

    1. Hi Ismail,

      In order to live and work legally in Poland, you must obtain a work permit directly from an employer.
      I suggest you apply for jobs in Poland that suit your work experience and qualifiactions directly from Morocco. Good luck!

  21. HI Hanna,

    My boyfriend is looking to find a job here in Wroclaw. Not sure if you know any recruitment agencies here for non-Polish speaking professionals. He speaks English and Romanian fluently. He would be looking for employment in Engineering and Technical Services. If you have any advice or leads for companies to contact please let me know!
    Thank You!


  22. Hi Hanna ,Im Mino from Egypt living in Poznan now and looking for a job.i Speak fluent English and Arabic but my Polish is weak.
    I have Bachelor Degree in Commerce.
    Hope you can Help,
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mino!
      Thanks for your comment, I hope you’re enjoying life in my beautiful city 🙂
      I suggest you check SSC jobs at the “Careers in Poland” website and on LinkedIn. Mc Kinsey, Heineken and Ikea, just to name a few, are hiring all the time.
      Good luck!

  23. Hello,
    I am Lyuboslav Ivanov from Bulgaria and I am planing on moving to Wroclaw, I am graduating university in September with Bachelor’s degree in Electronic engineering and I have a degree from technical gymnasium in Computer techniques and technologies, I don’t speak Polish but my English skills are adequate and I am planing on learning Polish of course. If you have any suggestions or you know some companies that are looking for fresh people with some practical knowledge in this area of employment (Engineering and Technologies) it would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Good Day Hanna i am a first year Business Management student studying in Bydgoszcz Poland and looking for a guaranteed job so i can gain experience and at the same time get extra money, could you perhaps refer me to a company that accept students with English skills without polish skills also needed?please notify me on my email @

  25. Hi hanna my name is gurvinder singh im from india i have no work experience Can I have a job? I want to speak a little bit of English. If you have any job you must tell me. This is my number + 918288844801

    Thank you.

  26. Hi Henna,
    This Is Megha, i am very confused and i need your help, please guide.
    my husband is restaurant manager in india and he has applied for 1 year MBA program in poland and i wanted to come there along with him on dependent visa as i can not stay alone in india, so my question is can i get full time job there, i have 4 years of experience in hotel industry as Guest Relation.
    can we both get job there in poland in same industry and how much will get paid & whatever will earn there is it possible to survive there and also save some money out of it, because we have Home loan in india.

  27. Dzień dobry.

    Ja piszę w imieniu kolegi. Mieszka w Indiach, ale jest zainteresowany pracą w Polsce. Ma ok. 10 lat doświadczenia w HR. Pracował w dużych międzynarodowych korporacjach jako meneger – tworzył team Oracle, rekrutował, wykonywał analizy. Skończył literaturę angielską, więc angielski zna biegle. Ma MBA i kilka certyfikatów. Czy byłaby jakaś szansa, żeby dostał pracę w Polsce?

  28. Hello Hanna. How are you and thanks for helping people on this page. Please i will like to know if you can help me find a job in poland as i am willing to move there. I currently live in South Africa but i am a nigeria. i speak and write English fluently. i have a certificate in public relation from university of South Africa. Please if there is anything you can do for me. Kindly get back son. Thanks.

  29. Hello mam,
    This is Subhajit from India and I am moving to POZNAN UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES for my full time PhD studies. However, my wife will also come to me at Poland after one-year on dependent visa. I would like to ask you: will she get a full-time/part-time jobs at Poznan? She is in the medical field and an experienced nurse. Please let me know.

  30. Hello Hanna, thanks so much for your help and kind gestures, I will be moving to northern Poland next year March for a Masters program but I’m worried giving that I’m an international student from Africa. Please I need an honest answer do I stand a chance of getting a part-time job ? I speak English fluently but that is the only foreign language I understand.

  31. helllo miss hanna i need job in poland, i am in india, i need like supervisior category will you please help me for that where i can apply for a job , thank you

  32. Hello Hanna,

    Hope you doing well

    I have been trying to get a job in Warsaw from last 3 months. Havent had any luck yet. I am planning to move to due to personal reasons. Is there any way I can get in touch with anyone for good opportunities.
    I have work experience of 9+ years and very fluent in english. Currently employed at Accenture PLC.
    Please could you assist me with any good opportunities or contacts that could help me with my movement.
    I do not have work permit visa for Poland. Please assist. Thank you.

    Francisca Dias

  33. Hi Hanna,

    my husband has taken a role in wroclaw and We are scheduled to move by jan ’18, wanted to check how likely it is that i will get a job there, i have close to 12 yrs of work experience in telecom, travel and customer experience.

    i am currently employed with one of India’s leading online travel co. as part of my role one of key activities involves setting up call centre’s /BPO’s, their operations and customer experience processes, driving CSAT and net promoter scores and managing overall call /transaction quality.

    it would be really helpful if you could share your view on this


  34. Hi Hanna,

    We are from india and my husband has taken a role at wroclaw and we are scheduled to move by jan ’18, wanted to check how likely it is that i will get a job there, i have close to 12 yrs of work experience in telecom, travel and customer experience.

    i am currently employed with one of India’s leading online travel co., as part of my role one of key activities involves setting up call centre’s /BPO’s, their operations and customer experience processes, driving CSAT and net promotor scores and managing overall call /transaction quality.

    it would be really helpful if you could share your view on this,

  35. Hi Hanna,

    I am looking for International Career move. Presently I live in Pakistan.

    I have over 13 years of banking experience in Product Management, Mortgages, Credit Risk, Sales Management, Documentation, Product Development and portfolio Management. The exposure in Mortgages, Retail, SME, Commercial, Microfinance and Digital Finance products give me diversified skills and the ability to work with different types of people including senior management / executives.

    I am confident that my combination of practical work exposure in diversified banking products, qualification (MBA Finance, MA Economics, JAIBP, CA-Inter) & IT Skills have equipped me to handle this challenging role & prepared me for making an immediate contribution to the overall objective of organization. Having worked with leading banks, I understand the level of professionalism and communication required for subject position.

    I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the job vacancy with you on the telephone or at an interview. I can be contacted most easily on my mobile or by e-mail.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Muhammad Waqar Aslam
    +92 321 766 22 11
    +92 335 400 66 80

  36. Hi Anna

    I’m looking to relocate to Poznan (Did the Erasmus program there and fell in love with the city). Currently i have a Bachelors in Civil Engineering but unfortunately it will be impossible to practice because of the language barrier. Since practising my area isn’t an option I’ve been planning a career change into the world of programming but doing so may take time. Could you give me some insight as to how to approach the job market there seeing that my main skill at the moment is my language skill in Portuguese(mother tongue) and some intro IT skills. I’m from Portugal so work permit and visa aren’t really a big issue.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Gonçalo Fonseca

    1. Hi Goncalo!

      I am sorry for such a late reply.
      Poznan is a wonderful city with a lot of job opportunities for English speakers.

      I suggest you check entry level IT jobs in SSC/BPO centres. McKinsey is always recruiting candidates with language skills.
      If you would like to further discuss your job search, please contact me at

  37. Hello Hanna:

    I’m Joseph from the United States.

    I have 8 years of Customer Service/Retail Experience and am only 3 credits away from my 2 year Associate in Arts Degree, with relevant coursework including some Writing classes, Interpersonal Communication, Critical Thinking, and Ethics.

    I know no other language than American English, so what sorts of jobs should I be looking for? I’m looking to move ASAP after spending the month of February in Poland.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this,


  38. Hi,
    I am currently living in Krakow Poland since last 6 months.I have Dtype visa.I have 4 years of experience in Software development.I am searching job here.Can you please guide me.

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